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CV. Gajah Mas Sakti

  • Tera Timbangan Murah Bersertifikat Dinas Metrologi
  • Tera Timbangan Murah Bersertifikat Dinas Metrologi

Services Description Tera Scale

We are a company engaged in a variety of scales calibration services brand, type and capacity of the scales.
Our company is backed by technicians - qualified and experienced technicians in their field, our Costumer there in different cities and provinces throughout Indonesia and our advantages are:
1. Cost Offers
2. Technician Experienced
3. Calibration & Tera Quality
4. Free Checking Fees
5. Guarantee / Warranty
To meet the needs and find solutions tera weighbridge you please contact us:
Pin BB : E3CF8E9D
WA : 0812-1006-7998
E-mail : [email protected]

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