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Calibration Tool Price List

Selling Cheap Metrological Devices - Metrological Tools is a tool used to carry out legal metrological supervision as stipulated in the regulation of the minister of trade number 71 / M-DAG / PER / 10/2014 concerning Supervision of Measuring Instruments, Measures, Weighs and Equipment, Goods in wrapped circumstances, and units of measure. Metrological devices include: Scales or Balance Scales for Class A, B, C, D, E, Work Meters, Measuring Vessels, Metal Dacin Test Equipment (Class M1 + Tripot Slides), Scales F1, F2, M1, Scales (sleep) Class M2, Tera Stamp Platform, Tera Assembly Table, Tera / Tera / Session Assembly Toolset, Thermohygrometer, Strapping / TUTSIT Tool, Seal Pliers, Vibration Resistant Table etc. CV Gajah Mas Sakti is the most complete distributor of scales and metrological equipment, the cheapest with the best quality. In addition we also provide various brands of the best and most comprehensive scales that have become the choice of consumers for all needs. The products we sell include table scales, analytical scales, sitting scales, floor scales, hanging scales, pallet scales, animal scales, needle scales, car scales, printer scales, printer scales, mechanical scales, digital scales, etc. Buy cheap price scales from us with the best specifications. In addition to selling the scales we also provide service and calibration scales.